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Giant Camera On The Street Snaps People’s Joy

SoulPancake loves making the Internet a nicer and happier place, one video at a time. In their latest video they placed


People Laughing Like Ricky Gervais

There are many people in Hollywood famous for a slew of attributes, but besides for his black shirts, Ricky Gervais is


Laughing Man Waiting For The Tram Prank

Laughter truly is contagious. It's been done before, but to prove this fact once again, Rituals Cosmetics commissioned this social experiment.  They


Big Korean Guy Laughs While Eating

This very strange and obscure video by 사 채업자 has just exploded online even though it was posted six weeks ago.


Lizard Poops On Vlogging Girl’s Lap

NSFW Warning - language content YouTubers Nikki & John, like so many other emerging prankster couples, are self proclaimed 'crazy


Man Demonstrates Laughing Without Smiling

This video by Rosco731 is over five years old, but has only exploded online over the weekend after appearing on Reddit.


Little Girl Loves Walking The Dog

Cr8zypancakes' daughter takes after her screen name. Namely the 'crazy' part. She loves to 'walk the dog,' but has a


Scary Doll Driver At The Drive-Thru Prank

Remember the viralviral Invisible Driver At The Drive-Thru prank that hit the web in January? That video by prankster-magician Rahat stands with


Giggling Teens Drive Car Through Polish Mall

In the US, scooter shopping carts have become the norm. Feeling a little winded from your double super sized fast


100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs

Editing master honsco first went viral with his 'Saying The Movie Title In The Actual Movie Compilation' that now stands with over


Anderson Cooper Gets The Giggles During RidicuList Dyngus Day Report

Anderson Cooper is one of CNN's most popular hosts for his honest, serious journalism, and for his fun, youthful flip


Man Can’t Stop Laughing After Hip Surgery

There are countless horror stories as a result of a bad surgery, so this story is a breath of fresh