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Audi Paintball Duel

The AudiChannel has quietly published this new video as unlisted, yet the word it out. Already, it has garnered over 175,000 views.


50 Cent Awkwardly Kisses Erin Andrews

Nascar and hip hop may not seem like they mix well, but that didn't stop the one and only 50


Race Car Driver Completes Back Flip Jump Driving Mini In France

Pro-skier and race car driver Dimitri Charriere has gone viralviral after performing an amazing backflip on the slopes. Not on his


Race Car Drivers Compete In Game Of Drift

When professional basketball players want to compete against each other, they will often play a game of Horse. After one


Cardboard Need For Speed

Popular YouTuber Freddie W teamed up with MTV's Rob & Big and RocketJump to have a little fun at the Fantasy Factory. In a miniature urban cardboard


World’s Greatest Drag Race 2

Last year, Motor Trend put together the World's Greatest Drag Race with tremendously expensive and exotic cars. But car and racing fans were only


F1 Race Car Plays The Star-Spangled Banner

Red Bull is a great source for all things extreme, so the content of their latest viral video isn't that surprising. 


Racing In Slow Motion Part 4

Racing is one of those lightening-fast sports. If you look away or blink at just the wrong second, you could


Wing Suit Race

Donning on a wing suit and gliding down like a flying squirrel continues to be a favorite theme online. But devinsupertramp has


NASCAR Announces Autonomous Google Race Car April Fools

April Fools videos have really taken off this year, and now even NASCAR has jumped aboard the bandwagon. They teamed up


Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2

Professional motorcycle drivers Ernie Vigil and Nick Apex return for a second motorcycle vs car drift contest. The two bikers


Quantum Levitation Wipe Out Race Track

Wired controlled toy race cars on tracks are so 20th century. With new quantum levitation technology, The Japan Instituted Of